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Click here for more information and diet plan on Amino Accell - When combined with professional diet plan, Amino Accell™ opens up abnormal fat stores for metabolism. During Phase II of diet, ½ - 1 pound of weight is lost per day is expected. Amino Accell™ is a powerful homeopathic blend of amino acids and herbs that promote optimal weight loss and appetite suppression success. Average dosage of Amino Accell™ is .75mL taken 3 times daily. The homeopathic blend of herbs and amino acids in Amino Accell™ is superior in its ability to suppress appetite, and increase overall energy and sense of well-being.

Click here for more information and diet plan on Forever Fit- Forever Fit™ is a superior homeopathic weight loss supplement. It is a safe and natural way to effectively suppress appetite, diminish cravings, increase fat burning, metabolism, energy and sense of well-being. Perfect for those who need help losing weight but do not want to begin a strict diet such as HCG. ForeverFit™ is also perfect for those who have lost weight on HCG but would like to continue losing weight while on Phase III. Dietary guidelines while on Forever Fit™ suggest a low carbohydrate whole food regiment complete with proteins, good fats, vegetables, and low glycemic fruits. Recommended dosage of Forever Fit™ for those under 200lbs is 1mL twice daily with a dosage for those over 200lbs of 1mL 3 times daily.

For optimal weight loss success and health benefits, we strongly recommend the use of Armor Detox in conjunction with our Amino Accell and Forever Fit weight loss programs. Armor Detox is Designed as a complete formulation that stimulates, enhances, and supports the body’s detoxification systems including the liver, kidneys and lymphatic systems. Ideal for use with any detoxification or weight loss program. Recommended dosage: 1mL 2 times per day.


Package Deal: Complete 23 day round of Amino Accell and Armor Detox Support.

Package Deal: Complete 30 day round of Forever Fit and Armor Detox Support





"Let thy food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be thy food."
— Hippocrates