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Tested produce with most, least pesticide residue (listed alphabetically)

DIRTY DOZEN – Consider buying organic                                    CLEANEST 12 – Lowest in Pesticides
Apples                                                                                       Asparagus
Celery                                                                                        Avocado
Cherries                                                                                     Bananas
Grapes (imported)                                                                       Broccoli
Lettuce                                                                                      Cabbage
Nectarines                                                                                  Kiwi
Peaches                                                                                     Mangoes
Pears                                                                                         Onions
Potatoes                                                                                    Papayas
Spinach                                                                                     Pineapples
Strawberries                                                                              Sweet Corn (frozen)
Sweet Bell Peppers                                                                     Sweet Peas (frozen)

Source: Environmental Working Group,  Complete list at www. foodnews.org                 

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"All that man needs for health and healing has been provided by God in nature, the challenge of science is to find it."
—Phillippus Theophrastus Bombast