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Safer Resources & Better Solutions

Solutions – Household Cleaners:

Clean House, Clean Planet.” – (Cleaning Your House Pennies a Day – The Safe Nontoxic Way) A great book by Karen Logan, showing her readers how they can make effective cleaning products while following an affordable budget.

Drugstore.com – websites such as this one can provide safer alternative cleaning products. Some highly recommended brands are Seventh Generation and Ecover. www.drugstore.com

Ecover – Provides you with information on safer cleaning products. www.ecover.com

CHECNet – Provides you with a list of safe products to use in your home, especially if you have children. This website is also a great resource to learn more on harmful chemicals and household products. www.chec.greenhome.com/products  or www.checnet.org


Safer Resources – Carpets & Furniture:

Some good companies to consider and informative websites are:

Shaw Carpetswww.shawfloors.com

Eco By Designwww.ecobydesign.com/shop/carpet/

Natural Homewww.naturalhomeproducts.com

E-Housewww.checnet.org/ehouse - info on carpets & toxins especially if you have children

Green Building Supplywww.greenbuildingsupply.com – (good info on wool carpeting)

Nirvana Safe Havenwww.nontoxic.com – You can find furniture sealer through this site

IKEA – www.ikea.com – dedicated to make products that are easier on the environment and our bodies

Soy Cleanwww.soyclean.biz – provides natural alternatives to toxic products

AlerGwww.alerg.com – focused on non-toxic solutions

Abundant Earthwww.abundantearth.com

A Happy Planet www.ahappyplanet.com


Safer Resources – Water:

Compare the top water filters: - www.waterfiltercomparisons.net/WaterFilter_Comparison.cfm

American Water Technologieswww.awatertech.com

Advanced Water Filterswww.advancedwaterfilters.com


PUR Water Filterswww.purwaterfilter.com

APEC Free Drinking Waterwww.freedrinkingwater.com

Water Filters USAwww.waterfilter-usa.com

Kangen Water Systems – www.greatalkalinewater.com

Safer Resources – Personal Care Products:

Here’s a list of companies for safe hygiene products that contain none of the 125 harmful chemicals found in other products. Also, some of these websites will let you order directly from the company.

Better Botanicalswww.betterbotanicals.com – face wash, shampoos, lotions, & kids products

Burt’s Bees www.burtsbees.com – lip balm, body wash, face wash, shampoos, & toothpaste

Nature’s Gatewww.natures-gate.com – body & bath, facial care, hair care, oral & sun care

Giovanni Organics  - www.veganunlimited.com – mainly hair care products

Absolutely Natural www.absolutelynatural.com – suntan lotions, skin care, shampoos & more

Laverawww.lavera.com – anti-aging products, trend cosmetics, face products & more

Ecco Bellawww.eccobella.com – cosmetics from eye shadow to lipstick & more

Miessencewww.inessence-organics.com – makes a large range of skin products

Other great resources for safe personal care products:




www. avea.co.uk


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"All that man needs for health and healing has been provided by God in nature, the challenge of science is to find it."
—Phillippus Theophrastus Bombast