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Low Stress Proteins


Beans (organic, fresh, sprouted, cooked without boiling as in a crockpot) aduki, black, kidney, lima, lentils, mung, navy, pinto, white, yellow.

Beets Greens (organic, fresh)

Black-eyed Peas (organic, soaked, cooked below boil)

Cheese (organic, goat, sheep and cow cheese not heated (cooked))

Chicken (organic free-range, without skin)

Chlorella (sea algae, grown mercury-free)


Coconut milk, green, young (the clear milk gel. Not the mature coconut, which is mostly fat)

Conch (sea mussel, mollusk)

Cornish game hen (organic)

Cottage Cheese (organic raw milk from sheep, goat, cow)

Crab (especially King Crab)


Dove (game bird)

Duck (game bird)

Eggs (chicken, organic, free-range or yard, cooked low heat)

Escargot (snail)

Feta Cheese (organic sheep, goat)

Fish (ocean, cold, deep water, fresh)

Frog Legs

Gelatin (grayslake, 180 bloom, can be used in soup)

Goose (organic, free-range)



Miso (fermented grain-paste for soup)

Mussel, green lipped

Nutmilks (organic, soaked overnight, blended in water) almond, cashew


Peas (organic)

Pheasant (game bird)

Pine Nuts (mostly beneficial fat)

Quail (game bird)


Seeds germinated (soaked) pumpkin, sunflower, squash, chia, sesame

Seed Milks (pumpkin, sunflower, squash, sesame

Sesame Tahini (Sesame seed butter)


Soy Ferments (misco, tempeh, natto, soy sauce)

Sprouts (alfalfa, chia, flax, mung, sunflower)

Squib (game pigeon)


Tempeh (soy ferment)



Turtle (a red meat, but not high stress)

Whey (milk product)

Wild-rice (soaked, cooked below boil)

Yogurt (organic, raw goat and cow milk)



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"All that man needs for health and healing has been provided by God in nature, the challenge of science is to find it."
—Phillippus Theophrastus Bombast