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We Have Seen Our Daughter Emotionally Healed.

"When I was pregnant with my daughter Dakota, my 2 ˝ year old daughter Emma was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and after 8 ˝ months of trying to save her life, she went to be with Jesus. 2 months after that, Dakota was born and needless to say I passed on a great deal of grief and pain into this brand new life. So when Dakota was about 2 ˝ we started seeing her struggle with her emotions and her relationships with her siblings and her parents. It was obvious to Eric and I that we needed to find a way to meet her needs and help her. With Tammy’s help and the grace of God, we have seen our daughter emotionally healed and restored to a joyful and lovely little girl. I never thought in less than a year God would work so quickly and our faith has definitely been encouraged and blessed. Through the nutritional response testing Dakota has done well and is in the repair phase. But the emotional clearing has been life changing for her. We had attempted potty training before she was 3 and it was evident that it was going to be a control issue and a long process. So we didn’t pursue it and gave it up to the Lord. After her first emotional clearing she decided she wanted to potty train and it went so well that I actually had to get rid of a huge box of pull-ups! After 3 more visits all her emotions are cleared and each day we watch as God has given her the freedom to be herself and not weighed down with all the emotions that were passed to her. Thank you Natural Health Center of the Rockies!." — EM

The Biggest Breakthrough Was The Emotional Clearing...

"My son Andrew was diagnosed with Turrets when he was about 5 years old. He had facial ticks and small hand ticks. As he got older the ticks got worse. When he was at school the kids would tease him about the verbal ticks or some of the hand ticks like clapping his hand then clapping the floor. Most people would just tell him to stop. The teachers would even get angry and punish him. My Andrew has a sweet spirit and this was very hard on him. If he tried to stop it would hurt to not do the ticks. We took Andrew to Doctors and even Children’s Hospital to find away to help him. They put him on high blood pressure medication and they wanted to put him on pain drugs also. We felt this was not the right way to help our son. When friends told us about Natural Health Center of the Rockies, we had hope. The supplements helped when I could get him to take them, but the biggest breakthrough was the emotional clearing. The first time we did that the ticks stopped completely. Now when the ticks come back we come in and do more emotional clearing and they go away. This is a miracle for us. Thank you so much Natural Health Center of the Rockies." — BF

Young Tylers Story

Tyler was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome at the age of 4...he is now 13 years old. During this period, Tyler exhibited a lot of motor tics...anything from head jerking to various bodily tics. Sometimes his tics were so violent that his head and neck would hurt very badly. His tics would wax and wane, meaning he would exhibit certain motor tics for a period of time....he then wouldn't exhibit them for a period of time...and then exhibit a 'different' motor tic for period of time.

As he grew older and was entering puberty, his tics became worse. Stress and anxiety also caused Tyler's tics to escalate. After visiting various doctors and experimenting with different medications, there was little improvement.

Last summer, a friend of ours recommended we go to Natural Health Center of the Rockies. Tyler began treatment with Tammy...nutrients mostly. After the 3rd visit or so, Tammy recommended we start doing some emotional clearing. Not only did Tyler feel lifted after each session, but we also began seeing fewer violent motor tics in him.

He continued receiving emotional clearing sessions over a period of 3 months...2 sessions of which included praying over him (which we welcomed). His last emotional clearing session was one of the most amazing sessions we ever experienced...it ended with prayer. Tammy also encouraged Tyler to write his thoughts down in a journal...which he has started.

Although Tyler still exhibits some very mild motor tics, they are a lot more controlled and fewer between each series of tics he gets. We feel very blessed to have been referred to NHCR. We truly believe that with the help we received from Tammy and her staff, coupled with prayer and God's grace, we are on a journey to improvement for Tyler.

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