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Accelerated Allergy Clearing Technique

AACT is a revolutionary approach based on principles of acupuncture and the electromagnetic properties of all matter. A series of AACT treatment will "re-educate" your body so it stops reacting defensively toward individual allergens and "accepts" them as a safe substance for your body. AACT is simple, non-invasive and extremely effective. The Technique is successfully practiced by trained health practitioners, including MDs, nurses, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and dentists.

Sensitivity to allergens is cleared one at a time with the technique, and best results are obtained if allergens are cleared in a specific sequence. Depending on the individual, one or more items are cleared on a given day. In many cases, that's all it takes... Individuals who are highly sensitive may sometimes require additional combination clearing.

Allergy Clearing Process

  1. Complete New Patient Information Forms
  2. Review Allergy Clearing List and Identify Top 5 Allergens
  3. Undergo the Initial Evaluation to:
    • Determine underlying causes for allergies
    • Identify allergens
    • Begin Allergy Clearing Process

Subsequent Allergy Clearing sessions can range from 30 minutes – 1 hour.

Allergy Clearing Testimonials

Fee Schedule

Initial Evaluation and Allergy Clearing:  $150 for 1 hour appt ($120 with referral)
Subsequent Allergy Clearing Sessions:  $65 per ½ Hour

"Let thy food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be thy food."
— Hippocrates