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My Symptoms Cleared Almost Immediatly..

"I have had seasonal allergies for the last 29 years. They were getting progressively worse. Over the last year I had noticed that every time I started with my allergies, I would develop this terrible cough with a lot of congestion that I could not get rid of. Any doctor I went to treated it as a cold and gave me cough medicine. It would take me 6-8 weeks to get rid of the cough. Then I was referred to Tammy. She cleared me of my spring seasonal allergies and my symptoms cleared almost immediately. About two weeks before my fall allergies were to start I had Tammy clear my fall allergies. I was amazed that I have had no other seasonal allergies since them! I refer Tammy to everyone!." — TK

My Immune System Was Susceptible To Viruses...

"Tammy found that I have many allergies that set off my immune system, making me more susceptible to viruses. With allergy clearing, we have taken care of most of these issues, but itís a continuing process. My traditional allergy testing showed that I had NO allergies, but my doctor and I always suspected that was part of the reason for my chronic sinus issues." — JM

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